Jan 17. Domain & Agamemnon, Part II



Three Key Ideas from last class
Take a few minutes and write down three key terms, ideas, or images we discussed during class on Thursday, Jan 12.

Activity I: Agamemnon Discussion

  • 1.What is you assessment of Agamemnon’s character? Does he display excessive pride?
  • 2. What’s going on with the crimson tapestries as out text translates it? Why is Agamemnon reluctant to step on the red carpet?
  • 3. What/how does Clytemnestra persuade him to walk on the tapestries?
  • 4. What report does Cassandra give of the past and future Why doesn’t anyone listen to her?
  • 5. How does Clytemnestra justify her murder of Agamemnon (1414ff, and 1445), and what reference does she make to the inactivity of the Chorus when Agamemnon committed his outrage at Aulis? (1414)
  • 6. Why does Aegisthus want revenge on Agamemnon and is he justified?
  • 7. What does the Chorus mean when they say, “Each charge meets counter-charge./None can judge between them. Justice./the plunderer plundred, the killer pays the price” (1587-90)? Why is this a problem? 

Activity II: Close Reading Agamemnon

Choose a passage (10-15 lines) from The Agamemnon and respond to the following:
  • What’s the context of the passage?
  • In a couple of sentences, summarize the passage.
  • What sorts of words get repeated and why?
  • What sorts of comparisons does the passage make?
  • What sorts of figurative language is used?
  • How does the staging of the passage affect its meaning?
Next Class
For Thursday, January 19
  • 1. Quiz will cover all of The Agamemnon & the first half of The Eumenides
  • 2. We’ll install Domain and build out your websites at the end of class