Short Essay


The goal of this short essay is to persuade your readers of the efficacy of your argument driven analysis of The Orestia in 1000-1200 words. You’ll post a .pdf or .docx to the course site.

Essay Questions
Please respond to just one of the questions below:
  • 1.How does the figure of the animal challenge ways that gender is represented in The Oresteia?
  • 2. How does the figure of the animal challenge easy distinctions between humans and nonhumans in The Oresteia?
  • 3. How do the limitations/innovations of Greek staging challenge the relationship between sovereigns and subjects in The Oresteia?


Baseline Criteria 1
Does the paper fulfill the requirements of the assignment-does it make an arguable claim in response to one of the questions asked and then develop that response through close analysis of at least TWO passages from The Oresteia? 
Baseline Criteria 2
Does the first paragraph introduce the topic/claim of the paper? Does the rest of the paper develop the topic/claim? Does the paper make use of strong topic sentences and transitions? Does the paper attend to language at the sentence level, define key terms, and explain how the close analysis advances the argument?
Baseline Criteria 3
Does the essay make use of appropriate word choice and syntax? (i.e., action verbs over “to be,” active voice over passive, parallel sentence structure, etc.). Is the paper acceptably free of mechanical errors? Are all citations in MLA format?Are the tone and the style consistent through out the paper? Are tone and style appropriate to the audience and subject matter?
Aspirational Criteria
You may attempt to fulfill this criteria even though you are not required to do so: Does the paper make a connection between Aeschylus’s play and contemporary environmental  or political events? Does the conclusion raise new ideas about The Oresteia, performance, the environment, or criticism?