In this assignment you will create your own podcast on one of the following plays Wasps, The Second Shepherd’s Play, or The Jew of Malta by reviewing a recent production, staging a reading of a scene, or providing literary historical/critical context. Since drama relies on the aural as much as the visual and verbal, producing podcast will allow you to compose in a similar speaking-listing genre.

Format Description
WordPress Final draft of this assignment to be published to a static page on the course WordPress site.
Audacity Audacity is a free, open source digital audio editor and recording computer software application, available for Windows, OS X, Linux
MLA MLA format for all in-text citations, images, and works cited

Learning Goals
After producing a podcast students should be able to
  • 1. Locate, analyze, and synthesize literary historical/critical secondary sources to inform an audience on a key topic in early drama
  • 2. Recognize how genre conventions shape and are shaped by readers’ and writers’ practices and purposes
  • 3. Use digital tools to discover new topics and reconsider key themes in early drama

Assignment Instructions/Checklist
  • Blog Post/Draft, Part I: Locate and review one episode of a drama podcast of your choice (Ex: This Week on Broadway, Theater People, Welcome to the Night Vale, Folger Library Podcast, etc.), and write a 200 word rhetorical analysis. Who are the authors, what are their goals, who is the audience, are the goals met? Publish the rhetorical analysis to your blog for workshop.
  • Blog Post/Draft, Part II: Draft a two-column script for a podcast on one of the assigned plays and in a genre of your choice. Publish the script to your blog for workshop.
  • Download Audacity
  • Record, from your script, a 4-6 minute podcast
  • Publish final draft of the podcast as an MP3 to the page you created on the course site.
  • Include above the audio track of the podcast a 300-500-word overview of the podcast’s content. What play and topics do you cover? What is the genre of the podcast? How does the podcast help your listeners to a better understanding of the play?

The following criteria will be used to assess your Podcasts
  • 1. Does the podcast meet the publishing assignment criteria? Did you create a 5-6-panel infographic in Pikochart, and embed the graphic on a static page to which users can easily navigate on WP site on or before the due date? (10%)
  • 2. Is the goal/through line of the final draft of the podcast clear? Is the overall goal/through line supported/developed through summary, analysis, synthesis, and/or ideas in dialogue? (30%)
  • 3. Are the voice(s) in the podcast free of error, constantly audible, varied to enhance content, and appropriate to the content? Is the tone similar to professional broadcasts we analyzed? (30%)
  • 4. Does the podcast contribute something new or ask audiences to look at a component of the play they present in a new way? (10%)
  • 5. Does the final draft include a 300-500-word overview of the podcast’s content? Does the final draft include a works cited? (20%)