During the second half of the semester, you will each be responsible for a slide-share presentation in which you present the central claim and evidence from your literary analysis paper in 5-8 minutes and with at least 10 slides.


  • Present central claim and key close readings 
  • Compose a slideshow with at least 10 slides. Slides should have minimal copy, clearly convey your analysis and critical point of view, and spark conversation.  
  • Perform your slideshow for the class. Be prepared to answer questions about your project once you have finished presenting.
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As always your peers and I are your primary audience, yet please also keep an ever expanding, global Internet audience in mind for this paper. What style, tone, and vocabulary choices will you have to make to suit both the audience, and the subject matter for each project? Explain quotations and images do so as if your audience has never read the texts you discuss; determine the most effect ration between audio, verbal, and visual text; and make best choice for overall ease of use.

  • Does the presentation have clear argument and is the arc or logical progression of the argument clear?
  • Did presenters refer to and close read 2-3 textual examples in support of her claim?
  • Do the visuals enhance, challenge, explain the verbal portion of the presentation?
  • Did presentation provoke discussion?