4 April. Witch of Edmonton, Acts 3-4


Please bring paper drafts on Thursday, so we can workshop them!

The Witch of Edmonton, Acts 3-4

  • 1. Why does Cuddy Banks want to include a witch in the Morris Dance and why don’t the dancers have someone playing a witch already? How does this scene help us to read the rest of the play?
  • 2. Why does Cuddy follow the Devil-Dog, and where does the Dog lead him?
  • 3. Do you think Frank really plans to run away with Winifred? What does Susan request of disguised Winifred?
  • 4. Why does Frank kill Susan?
  • 5. What events break up the morris dance in 3.4?
  • 6. What methods do Old Banks and the Two or Three Countrymen use to prove Sawyer is a witch? What methods does the Justice use? Compare the methods, which works the best and why? What are witches OR what makes witches according to this play?
  • 7. What tasks has the Devil-Dog performed for Sawyer by the end of 4.1? Why do you think the authors contrast the “witch trial” sequence with the Anne Ratcliffe sequence?
  • 8. Why can’t the Devil-Dog harm Sir Arthur? How does his reluctance to harm Sir Arthur compare with his reluctance to harm Old Banks?
  • 9. How does Katherine discover that Frank Killed her sister Susan?


I’ll pass around the quizzes and then you will have 25 mins to complete them. All the questions are short answer. Your answers do not need to be incomplete sentences, and you do not need to include direct citations from the text.

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