21 Feb. Jew of Malta, 2-3

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Answer this question:

What’s the relationship between humans and animals in Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta?


Magic Thesis: Destabilizing Condition 

Even though it seems as if ___________________________ because of ______________________, I’ll argue___________________________.

III. Close Reading Activity

Reread the following passage from Jew of Malta and respond to some or all of the following:

‘But how stands the wind?

Into what corner peers my halcyon’s bill?

Ha! To the east? Yes. See, how stands the vanes?

East and by south. Why, then, I hope my ships

Are gotten up by Nilus’ winding banks.

Mine argosy from Alexandria,

Loaden with spice and silks, now under sail,

Are smoothly gliding down by Candy shore

To Malta, through our Mediterranean Sea.’ (I.1.38-47)

  • 1. What’s the context of the passage?
  • 2. In a couple of sentences, summarize the passage.
  • 3. What sorts of words get repeated and why?
  • 4. What sorts of comparisons are made?
  • 5. What sort of staging accompanies the speech?
  • 6. How does the close analysis you performed support and develop the claim you drafted?


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