19 Jan. The Eumenides I

Activity I: WordPress & Digital Publication

Log-in to the class site and follow along
  • 1. Making a Post: retrieve the email I sent you from wordpress@animals.mckennarose.org & log-in to the course site.
  • 2. Adding and configuring media: search for an image of your choice and download it to your desk top
  • 3. Digital Citizenship/Citation: how to cite media in WP
  • 4. Embedding Content
  • 5. Categories & Tags!!


Activity I: Close reading The Agamemnon

Find one passage from The Agamemnon that really stands out to you. After you have found your passage read it through a couple of times and then be prepared to consider the following:
  • 1. What’s the context/goal of the passage?
  • 2. Point out 2-3 key textual features of the passage (i.e. metaphor, simile, meter, rhythm, line length, chiasmus, alliteration/consonance, tone, word play, etc).
  • How does the passage you chose defy easy interpretation?


Activity III: The Eumenides

  • 1.Does Orestes murder of his mother justify the torment the Furies have inflicted on him and want to inflict on him after his death—hound him to a mad grave?
  • What are some major themes of Pythia’s opening prayer? Why can’t she recognize the furies?
  • How does Apollo describe the Furies and what advice does he give to Orestes?
  • How does the account that the Furies give of Clytemnestra’s murder differ from the account that Orestes gives?
  • Why does Athena decide to “appoint the judges of manslaughter” (500) instead of deciding the case for herself?


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