12 Jan. Agamemnon

Activity I: Recap

Three Key Ideas from last class
Take a few minutes and write down three key terms, ideas, or stories we discussed during class on Tuesday. You are also welcome to ask any questions our first class may have left you with.

Background, Greek Theater


Masks in Oresteia



Activity II: Freewrite

Write without stopping for 5-8 minutes in response to the following
Pick a “scene” from our reading of the Agamemnon and describe how you think it was likely staged. How do the limitations/innovations of early Greek tragedy effect the possible meaning of the scene you chose?


Activity III: Discussion

  • 1. What exactly is Artemis so angry about and how does her anger motivate the whole action of the play?
  • 2. Why does Agamemnon kill Iphigenia?
  • 3. Is Clytemnestra a good ruler–why/why not?
  • 4. What does the Herald say about the altars and gods of Troy (527 ff), and how does this hearken back to Clytemnestra’s words at 338ff? What is the effect on the audience?

  • Take a couple of minutes and locate an animal simile or set of metaphors. What purpose does the “animal’ serve in the passage you chose? What purposes does the “animal” serve in the play more broadly?

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