Date Assignment
T, Jan 10 Introduction
R, Jan 12 Introduction to Greek Tragedy/Aeschylus (Recommended, Norton 502-505)
Agamemnon, (lns. 1-766) EReserve
T, Jan 17 Agamemnon, (lns. 768-1708) EReserve
Add, Drop, Swap ends
R, Jan 19 The Libation Bearers (summary)EReserve
The Eumenides, (1-590)
T, Jan 24 The Eumenides, (590-1058) EReserve
Quiz 1
R, Jan 26 Comedy/Aristophanes (Recommended, Introduction vii to xxxiii)
Wasps, (pp.3-39) EMAIL .pdf
Blog Post 1: Short Essay Draft
Short Essay Workshop
T, Jan 31 Short Essay Due
How to Podcast Workshop
R, Feb 2 Class Cancelled
T, Feb 7 Wasps, (39-67)
Introduction to Medieval Mystery Plays
R, Feb 9 Second Shepherd’s Play (407-435) EReserve
Quiz 2/3
T, Feb 14 Introduction to Early Modern Drama (Recommended, Norton xii-lx)
Jew of Malta, (Act 1) EReserve
Blog Post 2: Podcast Rhetorical Analysis
Podcast Workshop
R, Feb 16 Class Cancelled 
T, Feb 21 Jew of Malta, (Acts 2-3) EReserve
R, Feb 23 Jew of Malta, (Act 4-5 ) EReserve
Big Love, Performances Feb 23, 24, 25
T, Feb 28 Two Gentlemen of Verona, (Act 1)
Blog Post 3: Podcast Script
Podcast Workshop
R, March 2 Two Gentlemen of Verona, (Act 2-3)
Secondary source workshop
T, March 7 Spring Break
R, March 9 Spring Break
T, March 14 Two Gentlemen of Verona, (Act 4-5)
Podcasts due today by 5:00 PM
R, March 16 Macbeth, (Act 1)
T, March 21 Macbeth, (Acts 2-3)
Writing Workshop instead of Quiz
R, March 23 Prep Day
T, March 28 Macbeth, (Acts 4-5)
Blog Post
R, March 30 Witch of Edmonton, (Acts 1-2)
T, April 4 Witch of Edmonton, (Act 3-5)
R, April 6 Witch of Edmonton, (Act 5)
Writing Workshop
T, April 11 The Country Wife, (Act 1)
Presentation Workshop
R, April 13 The Country Wife, (Act 2-3)
T, April 18 The Country Wife, (Act 4-5)
Paper Workshop 2
R, April 20 Literary Analysis due published to the course site or emailed to me by 5:00 PM