Assignment Value Description
Blog Posts
15% Series of posts written in response to assigned prompts that function as drafts and invention exercises
Reading Quizzes 15% Periodic quizzes over the course of the semester designed to help you retain and organize information from the reading that you will develop in the writing assignments
Short Essay 10% 1000-1500 word argument written in response to an assigned prompt on The Oresteia in MLA format and embedded on static page of your site as a .docx.
Podcast 15% A 4-6 minute audio theater review or dramatic scene reading composed in GarageBand or Audacity on animals in Wasps, The Shepherds’ Play, or Jew of Malta, published as an .mp3 to a static page on your site with a headnote and works cited
Literary Analysis 20% A 5-7 page argument driven literary analysis essay on animals on stage developed through close analysis of a course text of your choice and secondary research. MLA format and embedded on a static page of your site as a .docx.
Presentation 15% A slideshare presentation in which you present the central claim and evidence from your literary analysis paper in 5-8 minutes and with at least 10 slides.
Participation/Attendance 10% Please arrive to class on time, with all reading and writing assignments completed, and then contribute significantly to class discussions and workshops.

Grades Description
A 4.0; A- 3.7 Extremely high quality work, effort, and performance beyond minimum requirements. Excellent attendance and substantial contributions to discussions.
B+ 3.3; B 3.0;B- 2.7 Well-written work that continues to improve. A level of effort and performance beyond minimum requirements. Good attendance and contributions to discussions.
C+ 2.3; C 2.0; C-1.7 Generally competent work and a level of effort that meets course requirements. Regular attendance and contributions to discussions.
D+ 1.3; D 1.0 Work that is uneven in quality or suggests incompetence. Irregular attendance and minimal contributions to discussions.
F 0.0 Incomplete or unacceptable work. No real effort to participate in class discussions. Five or more absences.