Web Portfolio

Final Web Portfolio Requirements

About Page
Write a 500-1,000 word introduction and publish it on the About Page. For full credit, respond to the following:

  • 1. What specific topics/concerns did you work on this semester, and how does your site as a whole respond to those problems?
  • 2. Reflect on and describe the knowledge/skills you used to accomplish the different assignments. EX: Did writing in different genres help you to develop one or two key concepts or skills? How did writing in the different modes allow you to address problems in History of Drama and the question of the animal in ways only one mode might not have?
  • 3. In the final section, speculate on what knowledge and skills gained in the course may transfer to future course work. EX: how might moving from visual rendering to argument driven analysis and then back again to visual rendering apply to solving problems your discipline?


For full credit, the final version of your site must include the following:
  • An about page
  • A navigation system that allows users to easily access all the required pages & posts, and layout and design that engages users and enhances the goal of the site content
  • Blog feed with posts in response to prompts.
  • Short Essay, embedded as a .pdf or .docx on a static page
  • Podcast, published on a static page with an 8-10 sentence header
  • Literary Analysis, embedded as .pdf or .docx on a static page
  • Presentation, embedded as a movie on a static page with a 8-10 sentence header and works cited


While your classmates and I are your primary audience, you are building a live website that may be accessed by users around the globe. While password protection is available, I encourage you to conceive of your sites as your own significant scholarly contribution to the history of drama, animal studies, and digital media. What style, tone, and design choices will you have to make to suit the needs of your audience and the subject matter for of your content? What choices can you make to present yourself as an expert and your site as resource for other scholars?


    The following will be used to assess the final version of your website,
  • Are all the required elements published to the site?
  • Does the site establish a theme through visual, verbal, and aural elements, and apply that theme consistently throughout the site?
  • Does consistent use of visual and verbal elements lead to ease of use? Do visual, verbal, and aural elements work together to focus on a purpose and respond to audience needs?
  • Does the navigation lead to pages promised? Do all the links lead to pages promised?
  • Are format, style, tone, mechanics, grammar, and punctuation applied correctly and consistently throughout for ease of reading/use and faithful attribution?